The concept has been around forever, really!

The point is that upcycling, which means to reuse discarded objects and materials in such a way as to create a new product has come a long way, and in face of the obvious environment issues affair we believe that sustainability is the only path to and through the future.

Besides all that we would like to highlight it’s not always all about what it will become but sometimes we forget the importance of what it once was or meant for us.

The story behind it or behind its owner maybe, even where or how it came to our possession can enchant so much that just cannot be left untold. So first of all, we want to make it count!


If you have any object, pieces or upcycling idea that you want us to use as to create a one-of-a-kind piece for you, please send the photo and details as to its meaning and story not forgetting new purpose goals so we can make the magic together!

We believe the best part about this process becoming popular is that we can find beauty in all its stages, so we will share it entirely. It’s all about connection, one person’s trash becoming another person’s treasure, or even better, one’s treasure being reframed into a hole new perspective, long life past their trend expiration date.

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